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Vacations are special moments we spend with family and friends. Building a lifetime of memories of different locations and experiences. Through the years staying at different hotels and resorts, enjoying hotel pools, spas, restaurants or gyms. Learning different cultures and customs. Having fun in the sun or enjoying beautiful mountains and ski slopes. In order to maintain an atmosphere of enjoyment, pleasantness and order guests staying at any hotel or resort must follow some hotel etiquette rules of correct conduct. It is perfectly simple to uphold hotel etiquette rules they are based on courtesy and respect for others. Hotel Etiquette is part of being well mannered and knowing correct behavior.

Follow these simple hotel etiquette rules and enjoy your stay:

Check in at appropriate times, if you arrive early be patient until the room is ready

Often times hotel will accommodate early arrival (when they have the availability) so do not make a scene

If a bell boy is helping you always say thank you and do not forget to tip

Be courteous to the reception staff, do not forget to say thank you when you get your room number and key

If travelling with young children, try to keep the kids next to you in the lobby area and hallways

It is unsafe to let kids run around unattended

In the hallways do not talk too loud; do not call out from down the hall or from the elevator

If you are going to your room at very early or late hours be considerate and do not make noise, it is not proper to disturb people at these hours

In your room do not be messy; do not leave clothes, shoes, books, food everywhere

Do not through garbage on the floor

Do not talk loud or have your TV or music very loud, especially late at night, people are trying to sleep so let them

Do not hold the elevator for too long

Do not slam doors (at any hour)

Be nice and thank the room cleaning staff, it is customary to tip your room / housekeeping staff

If you are staying at an all inclusive, follow table etiquette for all meals, serve yourself in moderation at the buffet, do not put more food than you can eat, and do not take food for later

If drinks are included, drink in moderation; do not get drunk, it is not proper nor safe

If a pet is staying with you in the room do not forget to take him out, keep him happy, feed him so he does not bark at all hours and disturb other guests

When staying at expensive hotels you might encounter a lot more hotel staff on hand, porter, doorman, elevator attendant, concierge reservation, room service etc…Do not forget to tip them and thank them for their service and help

If you have a mini bar in your room do not forget that you are being charged for anything you use, do not make a mess in the mini bar, it is not a personal fridge

If the room comes with slippers and bathrobes make sure you only keep what you are allowed to keep (most times only slippers and used toiletries and sewing kits)

If you order room service it is acceptable to be in your robe when room service arrives

If you are planning to eat in your room (dinner, lunch or breakfast) it is better to make your order in advance so as to give the kitchen time to prepare and reduce your waiting time

If you arrive to your hotel by car, find an appropriate parking (if the hotel does not have one), do not stop in front of hotel lobby entrance for more than a couple minutes to drop someone, if you need more time to unload your bags make sure you are parked in a spot that does not block or disturb anyone

If you are unhappy with your room, service staff, food, resort, you are not going to make a scene you are going to explain your points and concerns calmly, if need be you can ask to speak to management or supervisor but again no bad words, no cursing or yelling

If you need to check out in a rush do not cut the checkout line, do advance check out the night before or let the reception know in advance when you need to check out so they can accommodate you

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