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Johor Bahru, the jewel situated at the south of Peninsular Malaysia, offers many stunning and exciting attractions accessible for nearby and universal travelers. At the point when the Gaya Travel group went to the city as of late, we think that its quick turning into a perfect family getaway goal. The accompanying are a few attractions that are certain to energize guests when going by Johor Bahru:

Furious Birds Activity Park

Situated in Komtar, Johor Bahru City Center (JBCC), this 26,000 sq ft indoor stop is loaded with a wide range of Angry Birds enlivened. For the uninitiated, Angry Birds originate from a prevalent amusement application made for cell phones. The recreation center is isolated into four exciting zones for guests, particularly kids, to experiment with, for example, Danger Zone, Utopia, Classic and South Beach. Guests should observe that it is necessary for them to wear leggings when entering the recreation center.

Pisang Goreng Mawar

This is an unquestionable requirement attempt when anybody comes to Johor Bahru – the acclaimed restaurant called Pisang Goreng Mawar that mostly offers fricasseed banana misuses, other than drinks and chose snacks. Banana misuses are neighborhood lunch time most loved nibble produced using precisely chose new bananas covered in hitter then southern style to flawlessness.

What makes it significantly more extraordinary is the point at which it is dunked in the restaurant’s own mark fiery soy sauce. In spite of the fact that it sounds odd to the individuals who are new to eating bananas with soy sauce, it is ensured to make you return for additional! The individuals who need to drive there can essentially utilize Thistle Johor Bahru as point of interest, which is quite recently neighboring the diner. There’s dependably a long line however it merits holding up. Pisang Goreng Mawar is open every day from 11 a.m. until 6:30 p.m., while the bananas last.

Taman Merdeka Musical Fountain

Who knew music and drinking fountain can be so entrancing when coordinated together. At Taman Merdeka, anybody could witness a melodic wellspring show execution that plays along to nearby and global music. It is essentially pleasant to sit and simply watch. The melodic wellspring begins at 9:00 p.m. daily.

Kilang Bateri

No.83,Jalan Tampoi,81200 Johor Bahru.

The special thing about this place is that it used to be an old battery production line, which is currently renovated into a hang out detect that has everything in it, running from sustenance, play, retail and a workshop all under one enormous rooftop, which are advantageous and quite wonderful. It is intriguing to perceive how the place still keeps up its unique manufacturing plant engineering.

LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort

At this point, everybody knows LEGOLAND! This thrilling amusement stop draws in guests from close and far for boundless fun. It improves now with their most recent fascination, the LEGO ‘Ninjago and the Realm of the Shadows’ 4D theater. The characters are enlivened in front of an audience through Japanese puppetry procedure called bunraku, including video mapping, dream, arrange impacts, changed characters and music.

Kampung Sungai Melayu Eco Tourism

On the off chance that you are a nature devotee, this is a decent place to visit. The Kampung Sungai Melayu Eco Tourism sits on a riverbank encompassed by rich mangrove woodland that hosts numerous verdure for guests to witness. Take a journey and experience the marvels along the stream, including going by the mussel cultivate, which is well known among local people since it develops succulent mussels, because of the rich supplements that are available in the waters.

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