Family Adventure in Johor Bahru

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Johor Bahru, the jewel situated at the south of Peninsular Malaysia, offers many stunning and exciting attractions accessible for nearby and universal travelers. At the point when the Gaya Travel group went to the city as of late, we think that its quick turning into a perfect family getaway goal. The accompanying are a few attractions that are certain to energize guests when going by Johor Bahru:

Furious Birds Activity Park

Situated in Komtar, Johor Bahru City Center (JBCC), this 26,000 sq ft indoor stop is loaded with a wide range of Angry Birds enlivened. For the uninitiated, Angry Birds originate from a prevalent amusement application made for cell phones. The recreation center is isolated into four exciting zones for guests, particularly kids, to experiment with, for example, Danger Zone, Utopia, Classic and South Beach. Guests should observe that it is necessary for them to wear leggings when entering the recreation center.

Pisang Goreng Mawar

This is an unquestionable requirement attempt when anybody comes to Johor Bahru – the acclaimed restaurant called Pisang Goreng Mawar that mostly offers fricasseed banana misuses, other than drinks and chose snacks. Banana misuses are neighborhood lunch time most loved nibble produced using precisely chose new bananas covered in hitter then southern style to flawlessness.

What makes it significantly more extraordinary is the point at which it is dunked in the restaurant’s own mark fiery soy sauce. In spite of the fact that it sounds odd to the individuals who are new to eating bananas with soy sauce, it is ensured to make you return for additional! The individuals who need to drive there can essentially utilize Thistle Johor Bahru as point of interest, which is quite recently neighboring the diner. There’s dependably a long line however it merits holding up. Pisang Goreng Mawar is open every day from 11 a.m. until 6:30 p.m., while the bananas last.

Taman Merdeka Musical Fountain

Who knew music and drinking fountain can be so entrancing when coordinated together. At Taman Merdeka, anybody could witness a melodic wellspring show execution that plays along to nearby and global music. It is essentially pleasant to sit and simply watch. The melodic wellspring begins at 9:00 p.m. daily.

Kilang Bateri

No.83,Jalan Tampoi,81200 Johor Bahru.

The special thing about this place is that it used to be an old battery production line, which is currently renovated into a hang out detect that has everything in it, running from sustenance, play, retail and a workshop all under one enormous rooftop, which are advantageous and quite wonderful. It is intriguing to perceive how the place still keeps up its unique manufacturing plant engineering.

LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort

At this point, everybody knows LEGOLAND! This thrilling amusement stop draws in guests from close and far for boundless fun. It improves now with their most recent fascination, the LEGO ‘Ninjago and the Realm of the Shadows’ 4D theater. The characters are enlivened in front of an audience through Japanese puppetry procedure called bunraku, including video mapping, dream, arrange impacts, changed characters and music.

Kampung Sungai Melayu Eco Tourism

On the off chance that you are a nature devotee, this is a decent place to visit. The Kampung Sungai Melayu Eco Tourism sits on a riverbank encompassed by rich mangrove woodland that hosts numerous verdure for guests to witness. Take a journey and experience the marvels along the stream, including going by the mussel cultivate, which is well known among local people since it develops succulent mussels, because of the rich supplements that are available in the waters.

Grand Hallmark Hotel- the hotel with Exceptional Ambiance


The Grand Hallmark Hotel is a premier hotel in Johor Bahru Malaysia which boasts of 41 fully furnished guests rooms. This hotel consists of both standard and deluxe suites. Not to mention this hotel is handicap friendly which provides you great comfort and a complete range of hotel and business facilities.  If you are looking for a fantastic Malaysian hospitality then this hotel is your ideal destination.

Local attraction

Some of the popular local attraction which you can witness while staying in this hotel is

  • Legoland Malaysia
  • Paintball shooting
  • Horse riding
  • Little big club and
  • Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

This hotel is known to offer comfort stay for guests at very affordable rates. The Hallmark group has extended its business by opening a second hotel branch in Taman Molek. Not to mention Grand HallMark Hotel is one of the preferred and best business hotels in Johor Bahru.

Types of Rooms available in the Grand Hallmark Hotel

Deluxe twin

This room consists of twin beds. It is ideal for two people and you can enjoy the spectacular view of the city from this room. This room comes at a price of RM 108.

Deluxe single

This room consists of a single bed. It suits best for a single person and comes at a price of RM 98.

Deluxe double

This room consists of a Queen bed and is ideal for two people.  The size of this room is 24sqm and it comes at a price of RM 108.

Superior Triple

This room contains a Queen bed and a single bed. It can occupy three people. You can get the view of the city from this room and the price of this room is RM 148.

Hotel etiquettes to follow in order to enjoy your stay at Grand Hallmark Hotel or any other good hotel

  • Check in at the right time and in case you reach early you need to be patient till the room is ready.
  • If drinks are included drink in your limits and do not get over-drunk.
  • In case you are not happy with the services of the hotel, do not make a scene of it and try to explain your points and concerns calmly.

Some of the facilities offered in the rooms of the Grand Hall mark hotel are

  • Air-conditioning
  • Iron
  • Desk
  • Seating area
  • Shower
  • Free toiletries
  • Hairdryer
  • Bathroom
  • Telephone
  • Satellite channels
  • Cable channels
  • Wake-up service
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Electric kettle and
  • Bidet

As a matter of fact, many hotel and travel booking sites are very rewarding to their customers. This is due to the fact that these hotels and sites keep the arrival and departure dates of the customers flexible. However, this would not be possible if you are on a business trip and if you are traveling for leisure then you can keep flexibility in your dates.  Sometimes a room which you normally get by paying a higher can be taken by paying a comparatively low price.


Hotel Etiquette

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Vacations are special moments we spend with family and friends. Building a lifetime of memories of different locations and experiences. Through the years staying at different hotels and resorts, enjoying hotel pools, spas, restaurants or gyms. Learning different cultures and customs. Having fun in the sun or enjoying beautiful mountains and ski slopes. In order to maintain an atmosphere of enjoyment, pleasantness and order guests staying at any hotel or resort must follow some hotel etiquette rules of correct conduct. It is perfectly simple to uphold hotel etiquette rules they are based on courtesy and respect for others. Hotel Etiquette is part of being well mannered and knowing correct behavior.

Follow these simple hotel etiquette rules and enjoy your stay:

Check in at appropriate times, if you arrive early be patient until the room is ready

Often times hotel will accommodate early arrival (when they have the availability) so do not make a scene

If a bell boy is helping you always say thank you and do not forget to tip

Be courteous to the reception staff, do not forget to say thank you when you get your room number and key

If travelling with young children, try to keep the kids next to you in the lobby area and hallways

It is unsafe to let kids run around unattended

In the hallways do not talk too loud; do not call out from down the hall or from the elevator

If you are going to your room at very early or late hours be considerate and do not make noise, it is not proper to disturb people at these hours

In your room do not be messy; do not leave clothes, shoes, books, food everywhere

Do not through garbage on the floor

Do not talk loud or have your TV or music very loud, especially late at night, people are trying to sleep so let them

Do not hold the elevator for too long

Do not slam doors (at any hour)

Be nice and thank the room cleaning staff, it is customary to tip your room / housekeeping staff

If you are staying at an all inclusive, follow table etiquette for all meals, serve yourself in moderation at the buffet, do not put more food than you can eat, and do not take food for later

If drinks are included, drink in moderation; do not get drunk, it is not proper nor safe

If a pet is staying with you in the room do not forget to take him out, keep him happy, feed him so he does not bark at all hours and disturb other guests

When staying at expensive hotels you might encounter a lot more hotel staff on hand, porter, doorman, elevator attendant, concierge reservation, room service etc…Do not forget to tip them and thank them for their service and help

If you have a mini bar in your room do not forget that you are being charged for anything you use, do not make a mess in the mini bar, it is not a personal fridge

If the room comes with slippers and bathrobes make sure you only keep what you are allowed to keep (most times only slippers and used toiletries and sewing kits)

If you order room service it is acceptable to be in your robe when room service arrives

If you are planning to eat in your room (dinner, lunch or breakfast) it is better to make your order in advance so as to give the kitchen time to prepare and reduce your waiting time

If you arrive to your hotel by car, find an appropriate parking (if the hotel does not have one), do not stop in front of hotel lobby entrance for more than a couple minutes to drop someone, if you need more time to unload your bags make sure you are parked in a spot that does not block or disturb anyone

If you are unhappy with your room, service staff, food, resort, you are not going to make a scene you are going to explain your points and concerns calmly, if need be you can ask to speak to management or supervisor but again no bad words, no cursing or yelling

If you need to check out in a rush do not cut the checkout line, do advance check out the night before or let the reception know in advance when you need to check out so they can accommodate you

5 Tips to Having a Great Hotel Stay

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Hotel bookings have largely become ubiquitous in the 21st century working professionals lifestyle. Whether for business or leisure, chances are you’ll find yourself in that situation where you need to book a temporary crib more often than not. Competitive as it is, the hospitality industry has left some loopholes for the smart traveler to reap rich dividends.

So, how to make your hotel stay extraordinary? Well, it always starts from the booking – that moment of choice when you’re surfing websites and apps to find a suitable place to call home for a while. Let’s take you through the 5 tips to having a great hotel stay.

Using Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Okay, so this is a common refrain nowadays: “I’m not getting a credit card.” We understand. Those shiny plastic things are just way too much temptation. Who cares about no added charges or cashback deals? It’s just another potent tool of capitalism!

Well, by all means, stick with your debit card or the good ole’ cash. But hear me out: when it comes to hotel stays, restaurant offers and airline tickets – credit cards are worth their weight (and then some) in gold. From free night stays to cash-back bonuses, there’s a lot your credit card can do for you, especially if you’ve got the right one. Take some time out to discuss your credit card options with your bank, and get an optimal mix of maximum benefits and minimum buyer’s remorse.

Checked Itinerary? Now Double Check!

This is one major – and totally avoidable – booking mistake made by people, especially when it comes to international travel. So, your flight leaves on the 14th, huh? A lot of times, carelessness or hurry (or both) makes you book a hotel stay for that one day when you’ll be parked in a flight seat (presumably next to a bawling toddler, although my prayers are with you there). The excess – and usually non-refundable – cost of that one extra night charge is totally avoidable.

Also bear in mind the time difference if you’re traveling international. 12:30 PM your time may be 2:30 AM in your destination – which could mean a world of difference. Keep the calculations in mind, and make a calm decision.

Keep it Flexible

A lot of hotels and travel booking sites are very rewarding to customers who keep their arrival and departure dates flexible. Granted, this is not likely to happen on a business trip, but if you’re traveling for leisure – try to keep your dates flexible. Sometimes, the room that’s costing Rs. 3200 on a Sunday could drop to Rs. 2800 the next day. Add it up and do the math – voila, you just saved a heavy load of cash.

Less is More

Save money

Now, we all love to stay at the only the best hotels of the world. But a lot of intrepid travelers have noticed that some of the lesser-known hotels are happy to offer more or less the same quality of services at lower rates. For instance, a two- or three-star hotel would not charge you for use of shampoo, local calls or breakfast – whereas a five-star would rob you for the same. Basically, abandon the starry-eyed nostalgia and settle for a more inconspicuous name if you want to have a comfortable stay experience with the same facilities – without burning holes in your pocket.

Claim It!

claim it

There’s something to be said about the phrase “Change won’t come by itself. You must bring change.” Most hotel customers don’t realize how much value they offer to a hotel, especially if it’s during a lean season. When you’re booking a hotel, inquire about possible upgrades, free benefits, access to hotel/resort facilities at discounted prices etc. More often than not, hotels are happy to entertain your request, if asked nicely. Try to get through a conversation with the concierge without losing your head, and you may find your standard room upgraded to a deluxe suite.

Hotel bookings are like oysters: you need to be prepared to swim just a bit longer, and a bit smarter than the others to grab your pearl. Try some of these hacks the next time you face the prospect of a hotel booking and watch as your hotel experience gets upgraded to awesome.